Specialists in vegetable handling,trimming & conveyors systems

MHME Lincolnshire ltd

Welcome to MHME Lincolnshire, a dedicated engineering firm specializing in vegetable handling. Our compact size belies our substantial commitment to customer satisfaction.

Our expertise extends to seamlessly integrating our equipment into your existing processing lines. Additionally, we offer comprehensive support, supplying factory layout drawings to deliver solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective. Trust MHME Lincolnshire for a seamless blend of innovation and customer-centric service in engineered vegetable handling.

Trimming and De-coring

  • Cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, and other vegetables is made easy with our specialized machinery. Locate the dedicated section at the top of the page to discover the range of equipment tailored for processing the specific vegetable you are working with.

Conveyors & Elevators

  • We recognize that the journey of your product, from the field to the fork, involves more than just placing it in one end of factory, and it emerging the other, shelf-ready. Our expertise lies in designing and constructing conveyors and elevators, that efficiently transport your products to their destination. Whether you require bulk hopper loading conveyors, or compact internal trimmed waste elevators, we have the capability to manufacture the equipment you need, considering spill and transfer points, for optimal cleanliness and functionality.

Grading systems

  • To compliment our NEW.A.G.E De-coring machines, we can also supply a grading system to suit your needs. Built into the grading system there are options for oversize trimmers and breakers, with varying grade sizes avaivlable.

Multi-material Machining, AC/DC welding and fabrication

  • CNC maching and turning
  • Fabrication in stainless steel and aluminium
  • TIG and MIG welding of steels and aluminium

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Worldwide Installations

Whatever your project requires and wherever you are in the world, we manufacture the machinery and have the experience you need.


We have equipment installed in several countries, spanning all of Europe, including our home in England, Scotland, Norway, France, Spain, Italy and Serbia


Companies from both ends of the Americas have trusted in our equipment, from Canada and California, to Mexico and Chile.


Mainland Australia and Tasmania are home to some of our decoring machines.